“The Quick Fix”

In this intense up-to-two-hours walk-through, we will discuss the design topics of your choice. After our session, you are given a written action plan addressing your design goals, after which you can tackle them solo and inspired, and, then retain Hudson Blau for more assistance, if desired. Popular topics include overall space planning, how to pull it all together, what to keep/reupholster/donate, window treatments, refinishing and/or reupholstering furniture or  how to get started.  VIEW PACKAGE


Full Service Residential Interior Design

Whether you’re addressing a full house or one room at a time, an ASID-certified Interior Designer, Maggie Hudson Blau offers full-service interior design services, from advising on interior space renovations to specifying furnishings, floor coverings, window treatments, art, paint color and accessories. Working alongside clients with architects and builders to ensure a streamlined and positive client experience is our mission. We implement a tried and true design process to ensure efficient and sumptuous results.


Paint Color Consultation

With a passion for color selection, Hudson Blau is renowned for an exceptional eye and sophisticated understanding of what is current and what is here to last in the world of paint color and wall coverings. We specify paint colors/stains for walls, trims, ceilings, floors, cabinetry and sometimes furniture, window hardware light fixtures.  Painting can truly create miraculous results. We look forward to listening and helping you choose colors that can subtly or boldly elevate your rooms to a new level of design.


"Designer by Your Side"

Hudson Blau offers a full-day service to those needing to have design advice and guidance in a all day intensive meeting to tackle an overall updated design concept, a specific room's paint colors and fabric and furnishings ideas, or provide momentum into a bath or kitchen remodel. We can visit a showroom, maybe two, and make a lot of progress. You will be given a personalized ACTION SHEET to keep the progress going. 


Corporate/Professional Interior Design

From a complete gutting to a budget-conscious fix up, Hudson Blau helps businesses design spaces that build their corporate brand, creating a distinctive image and comfortable environment for employees and guests alike.

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